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End Clothing

The Endclothing store  has  existed since 2005 in the city of Newcastle. A little later, the online “hypostasis” of this store. This is a small “conceptual” store with a competent choice of men’s clothing and shoes. End can be seen as some attempt to combine in one place the most different directions and styles of men’s clothing. Traditional conservative British brands with a long history like Barbour  or  Gloverall  can coexist with high-tech Japanese streetwear, such as the  Neighborhood . And the iconic expensive Japanese mark-icon  Visvim was  previously not fundamentally selling online; it gets along well with the democratic  Adidas  or  New Balance.. The newest bright limited editions of sneakers (a tasty morsel for sneakerheads) perfectly coexist with the most conservative desert shoes Clarks, which have not been changed for decades.

Eclecticism? Not at all, just a “conceptual” (systemic) view of the modern urban style, where the traditions and the “handicraft” unhurried approach of classical brands can be organically combined with the latest modern technologies, and sympathies such as organic cotton knitwear or traditional CGD are not at all eliminates addiction to technological things and urban design. A great selection of brands, a very convenient presentation of each model with a detailed description and measurements, and finally, just a great support service. Here you will never hear template phrases recommending to watch a dimension table. If a question arises with the choice of size, the store staff will necessarily compare the size of several pairs of shoes and offer their recommendations.

Personally, I can remember a little stores with such a choice in one place and so customer-oriented approach. Excellent business with a “human face”. I sincerely recommend 🙂

Country:  United Kingdom. Newcastle.

Payment by bank cards:  Payment by all types of bank cards. Requirements to confirm the identity of the buyer have not been noticed.

VAT deduction / refund option:  VAT is deducted during the checkout process automatically.

Double locks:  No double locks were noticed.

Other payment methods: PayPal  payment is possible .

International Shipping:  The default shipping is FedEx. Other delivery options can be discussed with the store’s support service in addition.

The cost and terms of international delivery: Sshipping costs are depend on your country for any order amount. The average delivery time for FedEx is 4-5 days.

Providing package tracking number: FedEx tracking  number is issued automatically after sending the package.

Delivery to addresses of forwarding companies:  Not tested.

Cost and delivery time in Europe:  Not tested.

Free shipping in Europe: Not tested.

Crushing order for several parcels:  Yes. If necessary, the store can divide the order into several items. Surcharge from the buyer is not required.

Discounts, codes, bonus points: Seasonal discounts up to 50%, periodic promo codes up to 25%, free shipping worldwide as part of promotions.

Weekends and holidays:  Taking orders daily and around the clock, processing orders from Monday to Friday.

Contacts and support service

The language for communication with customer support is only English.

In social networks:

Order on the site

To register on the site, select  My Account . In the window that opens, click  Create an Account  on the left side of the page. Here we begin to fill in personal data (all fields are filled in only in Latin letters):

First Name * – Name.

Last Name * – Last Name.

Email Address * – an email address (in order to prevent a mailbox from entering the store’s spam list, it will be better to use the mailbox, for example, on

Password * – enter any password.

Confirm Password * – repeat the password.

Next, click “And we’re done!”

Everything, we are registered on the site! On this page, you can edit the data you just entered in the “Contact Information / Edit” section, subscribe to the news in the “Newsletters / Edit” section (subscribe to the news is very useful, because the store periodically sends information to the specified email address promotions, discounts, coupons, etc.)

Below are the sections that we need to enter the address “Address Book / Manage Addresses”. In this store, you can send orders to addresses other than the one on which your bank card is issued (billling adress). This is quite convenient if you want to give someone a gift, for example, or simply for some reason want to send your order to another address. I didn’t have problems with sending to an arbitrary address in this store.

We proceed to enter the address. In the “Contact Information” section, the first and last names that we entered during registration will already be entered. Below you must enter the phone.

Be sure to include the correct phone number. It is for him that the courier will contact you at the time the parcel arrives at your location.

Go to the section “Address”

Street Address * – we enter the street, the house and the apartment. If the information requires a lot of space it is better to use the additional graphs below. In my experience, it is better to fill in the graphs concerning the street so that it would be clearer to our postal workers, but always in Latin letters. 

The store itself is only interested in the delivery country and the index, the rest will be disassembled on our side.

City * – enter the city

Zip / Postal Code * is a zip code. Enter carefully, it will depend on which post office the parcel arrives at.

Country * – choose your country from the drop-down list.

All select Save Address and save. If you need to enter additional addresses, register them in the same way.

By default, “billing” and “shipping” addresses are identical. In your account, you can add arbitrarily addresses for delivery.

Then you can go directly to the selection of goods and checkout.

Product selection

Site navigation and product selection in this store are quite logical and, as a rule, do not cause difficulties. On the left side of the page there are two tabs Brands – select by manufacturer and Departaments – select by item type. At the top there is a button to keep track of the latest Latest Products.

In addition, in the upper right corner of the page there is a search box. It is convenient to use it, for example, if you know what a product model is and you want to find it quickly.

All prices after registration are displayed without VAT. It looks vividly – the price with the prefix (Ex VAT) is indicated.

Product page

The description of the product itself in Endclothing is quite detailed. As a rule, the composition of the fabric features of a particular model. All photos illustrate in detail the thing from several angles. If desired, the thing can be considered in more detail, because All photos are clickable. The size is selected in the drop down menu. There are no signs about the absence of goods here. Just missing sizes will not be available in this menu.

A dimension table is necessarily attached to each item. Moreover, this is not a “general” conditional table for all things and manufacturers, which carries very approximate information, namely detailed measurements of things, having studied which the buyer will have quite useful information about real sizes . If the buyer likes the thing and the price suits him, then it makes sense to add it to the basket.

Shopping basket

The item placed in the basket, if desired, can be deleted by clicking on the Remove button, the quantity of goods can also be changed if you change the number on the right side of the page. If you need to add additional items to the order, it is easy to go to the choice of a brand or brand. Having added the necessary to the basket, we will always see there previously added things.

However, it should be remembered that the item placed in the basket is not reserved. If this item is bought at the same time, it will remain in the basket, it will simply be impossible to complete the order.



In Endclothing, European VAT (VAT) is automatically deducted after entering the site with your username and password. Those. when a user logs in, he sees all prices already with VAT deduction, you don’t need to write additional support to this issue (in the old version of this store, VAT was deducted by letter).

Order price

When placing things in the basket, the total cost of goods with delivery is clearly shown. As we can see, VAT is deducted (Tax – 0) and shipping is added. If there is a valid promotional code you can apply it, it will immediately affect the price.

Promotions, bonuses and discounts

The store periodically hosts various marketing campaigns. The traditional seasonal sale reaches 50%, given the usual prices of the store quite significantly. In addition, promo codes are occasionally available. The code is entered into a special window in the “basket” interface.

As mentioned above, such codes usually come in the mail and are valid for 2-3 days. It is also useful to go to the store’s  Facebook page , where these codes are sometimes published a little earlier. In addition, there are quite exotic promotions. For example, there was a special offer before, if you put your photo in the things freshly bought in the store on Facebook, then a 25% discount was given. Periodically there is an action with free international delivery, which, considering its considerable cost, is very useful, for example, if we buy some one not very expensive thing.

Payment order

After confirming the goods in the basket and selecting the required address, you will need to choose a payment method. There are two of them in this store. Payment by credit card and payment through the payment system PayPal.

Payment by credit card

When choosing payment by credit card, we need to enter the card data in the registration form:

Name on Card * – enter the name and surname in Latin exactly as indicated on the bank card itself.

Card Card Number * – carefully enter the card number.

Card Type * – choose the type of card from the drop-down list (Master, Visa)

Expiry Date * – the expiration date of the card (indicated on the card itself)

Security Code * – enter the code. It is indicated on the back or front of the card as a separate line.

When paying by Sberbank card directly (without using the Paypal payment system), it may be necessary to enter a one-time password for 3d Security.

Payment using payment systems

For payment using PayPal, we need to select the appropriate item in the menu for choosing payment methods. Then you will be redirected to the page of the payment system where it will be enough to enter your email and password to enter Paypal and confirm the payment.

Payment problems

No double blocking was noticed when paying at this store (Visa, VTB24 and Sberbank Master cards were used).

Ordering and delivery

Formation and dispatch of the order

The store team processes orders pretty quickly. If this is not a sales period, the order is shipped the next day after payment. During the sale this period may last for 3-4 days (I never waited longer). Therefore, if there is a need to change the order (add, replace or delete any thing), contact the support service as quickly as possible. Who is good with English is better to do it on the phone. Order status can be viewed in your account. For shipped orders the status is ” Complete “, for canceled orders the status is ” Closed “.

International delivery

Delivery is carried out by express carrier FedEx. . The buyer receives the tracking number in a letter confirming the shipment of the goods. You can track the package on  the  FedEx website . Upon arrival of the package in the city of the buyer, the courier will contact the buyer by phone specified in the registration form, and stipulates a convenient time and place of delivery of the package. Shipping cost does not depend on the price and weight of the order. However, it should be remembered that with a general tax-free limit for individuals at 1,000 euros, the limit for FedEx, which does not require the provision of documents for customs clearance, is 200 euros excluding delivery.  In case of exceeding this amount, it is better not to risk it, but to contact the store for help before placing the order. If you wish, the store can arrange delivery by Royal British National British Post – here the limit is 1000 euros without any reservations. However, in this case you will have to receive the parcel at the local post office.

Sometimes the store can send an order to Royal Mail without warning However, this happens during promotions with free international shipping and most often when buying things of low value and weight. It will be reasonable to assume that the store will most likely send one t-shirt by state mail. 

Cancellation of the order, refund, return of marriage

Refund on cancellation

Cancel an order is possible before it is shipped from the store. Given the fact that End often ships orders the next day after registration, and sometimes on the same day, you should contact the store in this case as soon as possible. Refunds are carried out in full to the same payment card that was used for payment. If the withdrawal of funds has not yet happened, and the money is only blocked, then this situation does not require a return from the store, the money will be unlocked on its own within the time limits set by the bank. In some cases, you can speed up this process by writing a statement or calling the bank that issued the card (depending on the policy of a particular bank). Refund to the account of a bank card when returning a payment made using the PayPal payment system

Refund or exchange of goods in case the goods did not fit

Sometimes it happens that, for one reason or another, the buyer did not like the purchaser (color, size, style, etc.) or the buyer incorrectly calculated the size, which is quite normal for a remote purchase. In this case, the goods can be returned within two weeks from the date of its receipt. To do this, the first thing you need to contact customer service, they will send a registration form for registration of return. This form will need to be filled out and enclosed in a package. Refund is at your own expense. In some cases, the product is easier to sell or donate on the spot. However, shipping to the UK is not so prohibitively expensive. 

In the event of a store error, when the buyer receives the wrong size or article, the store sends a replacement free of charge and fully reimburses the buyer for the cost of return. If the buyer does not want to make a replacement, he will receive all the money after the parcel goes to the store. A refund is made to a card or a PayPal refund.

Refund in case of marriage or understeer

In the event of a marriage, you must take a picture of the flaw identified and contact the store support service. In this case, a partial or full refund is possible, or an additional discount at the discretion of the store. From myself I will add that I did not even have to deal with such problems in the End.

However, I note that you should not slip into such a low-lying phenomenon as “consumer extremism.” No need to specifically spoil things in order to get discounts. As a rule, such “practical” buyers are the reason for the reluctance (quite justified) of sending to a particular country by the store, or the introduction of a “barrage” price of delivery. Let’s be people!

If an underpackage order is detected, you should also contact the store, the store will send the missing items for free using FedEx.

Refund in case the parcel did not arrive

In case of loss of the parcel by the shipping company, it is necessary to contact the store’s support service. In this case, a refund or re-sending of the order is possible if the item is present in the warehouse. In my practice, not one dozen purchases in this store, with such a meeting did not have to.

For more information please click the button below to continue to : (UK) | (US) 


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