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Dry skin – Proper care and preventive measures


Dry skin – Proper care and preventive measures

Dry skin is determined by 2 factors: The work of the sebaceous glands and PH of the skin.

Dry skin is determined by 2 factors:

1️⃣ sebaceous glandsThe work of the sebaceous glands is reduced ⬇️⬇️⬇️. But it is the sebaceous glands that form a significant part of the hydro-lipid mantle (lipids, fatty acids). When there are not enough lipids, the cells of the stratum corneum (corneocytes) lose their connection and peel off.


2️⃣ph balancePH of dry skin is rejected in the acidic side, this is also associated with a lack of lipids. Therefore, with dry skin, rashes rarely occur. With acidic PH, proteolytic enzymes work well, eliminating the keratin of the stratum corneum.
It turns out a deficiency of keratin and the stratum corneum becomes permeable. Hence, hypersensitivity, irritation and a tendency to rosacea.

🔉 The main principles of dry skincare are the elimination of aggressive factors, the presence of ingredients that restore the hydrolipid mantle (ceramides, Panthenol, niacinamide, omega acids).

harsh scrubs

💧Avoid harsh scrubs, high concentrations of acids in care products, aggressive alkaline cleansing and alcohol-based cosmetic products.

cream texture

💧Use delicate creamy textures instead of alkaline cleansers;

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water filter

💧Install water filters if possible.

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