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MyHeFF – Health, Fitness, Fashion Review – How to place an order?

Editor Picks Review – How to place an order?

Myprotein is an online store selling sports goods, sports nutrition and vitamins for those who devote sufficient time to physical education. 

Myprotein is an online store selling sports goods, sports nutrition and vitamins for those who devote sufficient time to physical education. Myprotein is not only a store, but also an independent manufacturer of products. The organization currently produces over 3000 products, including a variety of proteins, energy bars, high-protein foods, dietary and vegetarian foods, and clothing for sports.

The company was founded in 2004, among its founders is a team of athletes and partners dedicated to a common idea. Myprotein distributes its products to over 70 countries and is a niche leader in Europe and the UK. The goal of the leadership is to support and develop the aspirations of people around the world to actively engage in fitness. Regardless of the level of training of a person, the online store offers food for everyone. Also, people on a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian diet are not ignored.

Why Myprotein?

Myprotein produces the bulk of the goods sold independently, which allows you not to make an intermediary markup and control all technological processes when creating a product. Thus, the company provides the consumer with a quality product at a price not higher than a competitive one. The Myprotein team has built a huge social community to support athletes at every stage of their fitness movement. Now the company specializes in organic and herbal preparations and products, and also uses only biodegradable materials in production, reducing the pollution of the planet. The online store has many awards and a manufacturing certificate, which increases the level of customer confidence.

What can you buy on

As mentioned earlier, Myprotein offers over three thousand titles, divided into groups and subgroups. Let’s analyze the largest and most basic ones, that is, those that are more popular with the buyer.


You can buy pre- , post-workout, or during-workout products, creatine, vitamins and minerals, amino acids and proteins on Protein comes in several forms – it can be whey protein, for vegetarians, or milk and casein. There are also carbohydrate kits on sale in the form of drinks, gels, bars, or simply high-carb foods. In addition, there are plant-based products high in fiber, fish oil, which is famous for its high content of omega-3s, nut butters, protein snacks, foods for gaining, reducing or, simply, controlling weight.


There are many vitamins for enhancing athletic performance, containing zinc, magnesium, Omega 3-6-9, iron, folic acid, electrolytes, coenzyme, calcium, green tea extracts, vitamins for maintaining vision, antioxidants, glucosamine hydrochloride, 5- HTP, collagen, and vitamins B and D3.


For a comfortable fitness session, Myprotein offers high-quality clothing of its own production. You can buy tops, T-shirts, leggings, T-shirts, briefs, leotards, sweatshirts and hoodies, shorts, socks, jackets and vests. All clothes are divided into categories for men, women or collections. There is also a category where you can buy goods on sale.

How to find the right product in Myprotein?

Finding the right product on the myprotein website is not difficult, because all products are conveniently divided into several categories. A very handy tool for beginners or for those who do not know the specific name – the category “Fitness goals”. Here are the directions for men and women separately. Includes weight loss, weight gain or muscle-only product lines and a toned body line. There are separate categories for vegetarians, a basic line for beginners, and a professional line for experienced athletes.

Card Product

Going into the product card, you will see a description of the product, its benefits, what it is suitable for and what time of day it is best to use. Almost every edible product on the site contains its nutritional value and recommended daily dosage. It is also proposed here to indicate the number of packages, choose the packaging and taste (if there are several types). The manufacturer has made sure that only high-quality photos of the product are on the site, with the possibility of increasing them without much loss of quality, so you can look closely at all the products, which will be more relevant when choosing sports equipment.

How do I order from Myprotein?

Having indicated in the product card the desired quantity, taste, color, volume, etc., you can add it to your favorites, to the basket or buy immediately. Neither buying nor adding an item to favorites is available until the moment you sign up. However, you can add it to your shopping cart and continue searching for something else.

How to place an order?

After creating an account, go to the basket with the goods that were previously put there and start placing an order. In the basket, you can change the number of units of a product or delete it altogether. If you are satisfied with all the contents of the basket, and you are ready to proceed to payment, click on the button “Pay for the order now. At the time of payment, you can apply a discount promotional code that gives an additional reduction in the price of the product.

Additional features

There are several notable features of the site that complement purchases with more information content and increase people’s motivation for fitness.

#Training at home

In addition to directly purchasing goods, you can get a small course of home workouts for free on the company’s YouTube channel. They do not take more than half an hour, so they are suitable for any stay-at-home person or those who take a little time for their health before going to work.

#Myhealth Hub

It is a set of nutrition programs for a specific purpose. In order not to seek out and select several different products, the company offers ready-made complexes, which allows you to quickly navigate the site when choosing orders.


From the blog site, you will learn several recipes for a diet kebab, whipped protein coffee, you can discover a set of workouts for the lazy and find out with which four exercises you will pump up your pectoral muscles without leaving your home. The blog also has articles on vegan recipes, indoor and outdoor workouts, healthy eating habits and information on nutritional supplements.

#Special diets

If you are an adherent of a particular type of diet, eat only one type of food, or, conversely, exclude any component from your meal, Myprotein will select the right supplements, cocktails or snacks for you so that you support your chosen diet without disturbing your preferences. Now the site offers five options for the diet menu:

  • Gluten free.
  • Dairy free.
  • Products for vegetarians.
  • Organic food.

Payment and delivery at Myprotein

For its customers, the Myprotein online store offers several different payment methods, thanks to which almost any user of the site can make a purchase. After placing an order, you will be able to track its movement until you receive it.

How to pay for an order?

When making purchases on Myprotein, you can pay for your order in any of the following ways, whichever suits you best:

  • A plastic card. You can pay for goods by credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express.
  • Electronic payment systems . Payment can be made using EPS Google Pay and PayPal . When paying with PayPal, an additional commission of 1% of the order amount will be charged in favor of the payment system.
  • Electronic wallets. If you have a wallet in Yandex.Money , WebMoney or Qiwi Wallet, you can also easily place an order and pay for it on the Myprotein website.

When making a payment, you can carefully read the store’s user agreement and privacy policy, and then click on the “Checkout my order” button.

Delivery methods

Delivery is carried out in several ways. Every order, regardless of shipping method, is trackable.  There are several conditions under which you can order free shipping to any region of the country.

Methods for returning goods to

The has a separate section dedicated to the return policy. If you receive a product of proper quality, but in the absence of the need to use it (change your mind), you can issue a return within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. You can issue both a refund and replacement of goods for another. Refunds are processed between 7 and 30 days.


Myprotein is one of the largest sports nutrition suppliers in Europe. In addition, the store actively distributes its products to various countries, through self-sale or by attracting partners. You can become an official representative of Myprotein in your city, having previously discussed all the conditions with the site administration. When buying goods on this resource, you can be sure of the quality of the purchase, and do not worry about the fact that it may be spoiled or confused, because in this case all the money will be returned to you.

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