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Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin


Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin

We live in the age that the environmental conditions threaten health, the conditions of life impose on us, and the factors that negatively affect the immune system such as stress. Therefore, we have to take care to protect skin health as well as whole-body health. The first condition of having a healthy diet is that the overall body health is good. For this, we must be knowledgeable about the measures to be taken and should be able to apply them.
Fresh and unadulterated fruit and vegetable consumption, avoidance from white salt, sugar and white flour, drinking plenty of water should be the healthy rule for us. Protecting from the sun, benefiting from the sun without harm, delayed the deep aging process, so the precautions to protect from sunlight must be known and appropriate precautions should be taken. Smoking will increase wrinkles caused by cigarettes, disrupt skin color, reduce deep circulation, and protect us from collagen damage.
Regular sports should be done and sleeping should be provided. Learning to cope with stress is at least as important as other factors. In addition to all these, daily skin cleansing and care should not be neglected in both men and women. The skin should be moistened regularly. Smoking causes your capillaries in the uppermost part of your skin to contract, reducing circulation in your skin and, consequently, oxygenation and nourishment of your skin. Nicotine affects the synthesis and structure of collagen and elastin, resulting in loss of elasticity and tension in our skin. Lastly, depending on the repetitive facial expressions in smokers, we call smoking lines especially around the mouth, and around the eyes, lines are developed due to the diminution to protect our eyes from smoke. In order to prevent contact of our skin with chemical substances, liquids which we do not know should not be used such as uncoloured, dermatological test, uncoloured cologne, cream. Gloves should be worn when washing dishes.

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