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Pantone 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Color Trends

Pantone 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Color Trends


Pantone 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Color Trends

Discover the 2021 Spring/Summer fashion color trends determined by the global color authority Pantone and take the prominent colors of the season on your radar.

Discover the 2021 Spring/Summer fashion color trends determined by the global color authority Pantone and take the prominent colors of the season on your radar.

After spending most of 2020 in sweatpants, the color trends determined through the 2021 Spring/Summer fashion shows are almost an answer to our need to escape from this new daily routine. Although most designers presented black collections to reflect our world shaken by the pandemic, many of them preferred happy tones that advised us to look to the future with hope.

While the designers were bringing the 2021 Spring/Summer fashion shows to their enthusiasts digitally, they were sure that these vibrant colors and voluminous silhouettes would be more appetizing for us on the computer screen than minimal neutrals.

Here are the trend colors that will dominate the spring and summer of 2021 and create a burst of color in your wardrobe…

Enlightenment (Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating )

Pantone 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Color Trends

When designers are asked about their inspiration for this season, many seem hopeful for the future. This illuminating yellow not only reflects this hope, but also reminds us of the joy of dressing up, who are doomed to walk around in pajamas. The color rising on the catwalks like a sun leaves us with the dreams of summer.

Pantone 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Color Trends

Sky Blue (Pantone 15-4020 Cerulean )

After months of being closed indoors due to coronavirus restrictions, designers have found inspiration outside. The blue that fills the sky of a cloudless summer day gives a sigh of relief to street styles and suits.

Pantone 2021 Spring/Summer Fashion Color Trends

Rust (Pantone 18-1248)

Perhaps the most surprising color of the 2021 Spring/Summer fashion season is this rust color, which also resembles a pumpkin. Against the palette dominated by intensely floral tones, this tone brings autumn elegance to the new season. Against the unnatural vitality of orange in the past seasons, this spring tone is more elegant and gives a worldly atmosphere.

Green Ash (Pantone 13-0117)

Of course, there is no shocking situation when pastel tones are on the agenda for spring; however, this muted shade of green, which is carried to the podium as saturated neons throughout the seasons, makes it feel as refreshing as possible.

Sunlight (Pantone 13-0822 Sunlight )

Undoubtedly, timeless neutrals were also brought to the podiums in the 2021 Spring/Summer season, where there was a burst of color. One of the most serene examples of this was this new color with its creamy feel that plays a yellow tone. An ideal choice to breathe new life into seasonal wardrobes.

Mandarin Red (Pantone 17-1562)

After gaining a dominant place among the 2019 Fall/Winter color trends, tangerine red is back on the 2021 Spring/Summer runways. After upping the energy of their fashion shows with monochrome red in previous seasons, the designers brought this hue back to their collections with a romantic update.

Raspberry Sorbet (Pantone 18-2043 )

Pink, which is one of the most prominent of the 2021 Spring/Summer color trends, has acquired a new identity over time, although it is associated with femininity: a joy booster. Letting the color speak for itself, the designers did not hesitate to use it fearlessly in shirts and suits.

Amethyst Orchid (Pantone 17-3628)

Giving a floral new meaning to the jewel tone, this dazzling purple is eccentric and dramatic with a touch of royal magnificence. It is certain that it creates irresistible looks when combined with the volatile and uplifting fabrics of the season.

Ink Bottle (Pantone 19-4016 Inkwell )

Black is a color we see all the time on the runways. Designers have taken this color, which is not an escape from the fashion world, as far as any other neutral tone. So much so that it even found its place in Pantone’s trend predictions for the first time. This time, it caught an extraordinary glow in the different textures that it carried to the catwalks with the light blue inside – which distinguishes it from black.

Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104)

Gray is another perfectly timeless neutral. If you want to turn to cold tones but not too dark, you can choose this Ultimate Gray that adapts to all the other tones of the season. We recommend that you add this tone to your seasonal palette, which can easily adapt to both sports looks and stylish suits.

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