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Vivobarefoot shoes stand for the confident appearance in barefoot manner and that on all road surfaces and surfaces. The simple concept of a thin and flexible sole gives your gait its natural way and can even help you to develop a new and better posture. The Vivobarefoot shoes are a modern alternative to the usual shoes with undefined sole thickness and heel size and can become your new partner in everyday life. With the original combination of a wafer-thin sole and the characteristic style of the Vivobarefoot barefoot shoes, you will discover a new wearing comfort for every situation in life that is also impressive. Benefit from the experience of walking barefoot with safe protection of the sole of the foot, which can accompany you from childhood to adult life. Made of high-quality materials, you can enjoy sandals, low shoes, boots, winter boots, trekking shoes and slippers from the Vivobarefoot brand. Take a look around online shop and let the irresistible offers of Vivobarefoot shoes convince you.

Buy Vivobarefoot and feel the benefits of walking barefoot

Feeling the crunching sand, the tickling gravel and the structure of the warm asphalt on the soles of our feet reminds us of early childhood days. Thanks to the Vivobarefoot barefoot shoes, the freedom of walking barefoot in summer can not only ensure that you walk safely regardless of the surface, but also gives you the opportunity to experience this feeling all year round, right into winter. The minimalist design stimulates the foot sensors and lets you perceive the ground without the risk of sharp stones penetrating through. The omission of a rigid sole, the footbed and the heels gives the foot back its natural posture and thus maintains the so-called zero deflection. So you can train your entire musculoskeletal system while walking and do without a forced foot position.

The exquisite variety of materials used in Vivo barefoot shoes for women, men, juniors and toddlers

The Vivobarefoot children’s shoes, like the Vivobarefoot shoes for women and men, are available as vegan models made from recycled PET, foam rubber from algae and a synthetic fur lining. Fine leather goods such as the Vivobarefoot women’s winter shoes are also a treat for the foot in combination with neoprene. A special feature of the Vivobarefoot shoes brand is the multi-terrain soles. The Vivobarefoot Trail shoes are a welcome change from uncomfortable hiking shoes and shine with their water-repellent leather upper and the exceptional profile on the 3 mm thin outsole. These Vivobarefoot women’s, men’s and children’s barefoot shoes are made for outdoor use and, with their high-performance soles, make every step safer.

Why you can trust the Vivobarefoot?

The benefits of walking and running barefoot are widely touted by doctors and chiropodists, with smart people in white coats claiming that modern shoes are designed in a way that promotes abnormal foot positioning that can lead to all sorts of things. of problems. In fact, proper arches of the feet aren’t fully developed until children reach the age of 6, so the fact that we often tuck our toes into stiff, non-foot-shaped shoes means our obsession with rubber soles tends to cause the problem. According to Vivobarefoot, 90% of children are born with perfectly healthy feet. But, when we become adults, many of us experience a movement-related injury or health problems in our feet.

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