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Food Allergies and Weight Loss


Food Allergies and Weight Loss

Allergies cause the immune system to be over-stimulated due to environmental factors (air, nutrients, etc.) leading to inflammation in the body and functional disorders in internal organs. The main difference that distinguishes allergies from “food sensitivities” is that allergens should “induce antibody processing” by stimulating the immune system. Food sensitivities do not suddenly activate the immune system. Instead, they have a slower effect on body cells.
How do you know that you have allergies or food sensitivities to certain foods?

If you have an appetite for certain foods, you will always be sensitive. If you show the indicated indication after you have consumed some foods, you may have improved the food allergy or sensitivity: Do some foods make you bloated and digestive discomfort after you eat it? Do you have chronic constipation or diarrhea problems? Does your skin have rash, redness, itchy swelling, swelling in the lips? Do you have a nasal obstruction, a runny nose after meals? Do you feel numbness and

fatigue after watching? Are you often complaining of headache or migraine headache? Is there anyone else who has food allergy in your
Soybean, Wheat, Milk and Noodles, sea food, Spice food, Fish
Apart from these, submitting to foods, dinners, you may be allergic.

What is the way to understand what food is all about you?

The best way to understand how to warn against certain foods is to remove the suspected foods in order from the diet and observe whether the symptoms are inhibited by the “food stuff” method. For example, to understand if you are allergic to wheat, you will remove all foods containing 1 week wheat from your diet. If you start to consume wheat again, if the warning response statement comes back, you will be sure to warn those who are against wheat.
It is difficult for people consuming too much processed, packaged food to discover this food allergies, because such products have many allergic substances.
Why is it important to identify nutrients that are the source of allergic reactions? Longterm nutritional allergies, misalignment of the immune system and digestive system can lead to longterm damage. The body’s “regular digestion process, mood, appetite level and sleep regimen” are suppressed because of neurotransmitter level warning signs. When 90% of serotonin production is thought to occur in the digestive system, the need to remove allergenic nutrients that introduce the digestive system becomes even more important. The consumption of allergic foods causes the “weight loss efforts” to take place. If you are experiencing great difficulty in losing weight as a result of long struggles, you are likely to have a strong food allergy. Allergic reactions to foods that lower serotonin levels, causing depression-like effects on the person. This, in turn, will often lead to simple sugary and carbohydrate foods to improve mood.
In addition to the nutritional method, another way to find out if you are allergic to certain foods is to go through alarmjobs. In the blood test, it is checked whether the immune system produces certain antibody substances in response to an allergic reaction. In the skin test called “Prick test”, some of the suspected allergic substance is applied to the upper layer of the deep skin with a slight scraping incision and the presence of stimulant response (swelling, redness,blistering) is sought. However, it should be noted that 100% of the tests do not yield results. For this reason, it is better to carry out the role of “detective” with a great discipline in food screening methods.

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