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Hallowen Costumes


Hallowen Costumes

The Halloween is celebrated on October 31st of each year as due to the end of summer and the beginning of winter. The most important symbol of Halloween is the smiley-drawn pumpkin. The pumpkin is hollowed out and a candle is buried in a smiling face. The most consumed candy type on the day of the feast day is apple sugar. The little boys go door to door that day and ask their hosts “joke or sugar?” If the host chooses the joke, the kids make funny with their terrible clothes.
Today’s history, where homeowners are given candy and pensions for children, is based on the tradition of the “soul cow” petitioning the poor in Britain.
Adults organize dress parties or parties that night. The concept of these parties is based on fear, but he wears the desired costume. Some may be zombies, some may be Captain Jack Sparrow. These parties are also being held all around the world in recent years. Even though the feast of the witches is not officially celebrated in some Muslim country, it is a festival in the form of a small cut dress and costume ball.

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