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The Best Way to Pick Sunglasses


The Best Way to Pick Sunglasses

Sunglasses are now used as a stylish accessory to protect eyes from the dazzling effects of sunlight.

Sunglasses are now used as a stylish accessory to protect eyes from the dazzling effects of sunlight. However, the more important task of sunglasses is to protect eyes from ultraviolet sunlight, or other serious damage to the ultraviolet rays, and from the serious eye diseases it may cause.

What are the negative effects of ultraviolet rays on the eyes?

The negative effects of ultraviolet rays on the eye can be divided into two groups according to their occurrence in the short term and long term. As a result of the effects of ultraviolet rays for a long time during a day on a sunny day, short-term negative effects can occur, for example, sunburn-like lesions in the eyes. These injuries can usually heal within a few days, which can be painful and prepare the environment for the development of some serious eye infections. The main serious adverse effects of ultraviolet on the eye are macular (yellow dot) degeneration caused by long-term exposure to continuous ultraviolet and the two most important and most common causes of visual loss in the world, such as cataracts. Various factors that increase the degree of exposure to the sun can increase the damage that ultraviolet rays can cause.
Due to the damages that the sun has caused on the eye, it is now recommended that all individuals from early ages use sunglasses permanently in the sunshine, especially in the above-mentioned ultraviolet environment. There are a number of factors that must be considered apart from the shape of the glasses frame and glasses when choosing the most appropriate one from a large number of sunglasses.

What should we pay attention to when taking sunglasses?

Blocking the ultraviolet rays of the glasses:
The most important feature to be aware of when taking

sunglasses is the degree of blockage of the ultraviolet rays of the glasses. Normally each eyeglass can block ultraviolet at different rates, but special coatings for effective ultraviolet blocking are required. UVA and UVB blockage ratings of sun glasses should be checked, glass blocks capable of UV blocking above 99% should be selected, even 100% blocking rate should be preferred. Mirror coatings used in sunglasses reduce the amount of light coming from the eye but do not affect the ultraviolet blocking rate.

How is the new season sunglasses fashion?

  • Big framed sunglasses.
    Last season’s small-framed glasses were quite popular. This trend will continue in the new season, but bigger framed glasses will go up even further. So if you like big-framed glasses, you can wear these glasses often new season. Moreover, this fashion will wear out for a few seasons.
  • Colored glass.
    Glasses of different colors, which we have seen slowly around since the winter months, are a sign of the fashionable color glass! Which is the most popular colored glass? Of course yellow. Whether it is abundant detail or simple. You can come across the yellow glass of each model.
  • Marble effect.
    This season the marble effect dominated the fashion. Marble fingernails, marble prints on clothes, and finally glasses with marble trimmed frames … You must have a new look on marble glasses, which is a huge piece of vintage posture.
  • Butterfly effect.
    In 2017 butterfly frames are on the rise! Just like the wings of a butterfly can take care of us every day, the butterfly glasses will say “I am here” for the new season. The eye-catching and provocative key to the butterfly-framed glasses adds a simple combination of claim.
  • Geometric patterns.
    World-renowned glasses designers are using the new geometric framework to signal that this trend will continue for several more seasons.

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